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We can help you earn in your spare time. Taitu’s Botanicals manufactures a line of deluxe, all-natural health, body care and wellness products.

Team Work

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Taitu’s Botanicals team, these include:
  • Discount tax preparation
  • Gas and car insurance benefits
  • State of the art credit card and check processing
Our top team members will be offered a weeks vacation for two.

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Attention Stylists!
You can earn an extra $250 per week by purchasing one of Taitu's Botanicals Body Care Packages. The best stylists earn an extra $25,000 each year with Taitu's Botanicals without working more hours!

How do they do it?

As a stylist, your clients rely on you for expert beauty advice, who better than you to tell them all about the best products on the market? By showing them your luxurious Taitu’s Botanicals products, and telling them all about the great benefits of using these high-quality, natural products, you’ll sell, sell, sell! What better way to boost your income?

How do I Start?

Call toll free 1-877-891-8562 and speak with one of our members today. You will receive your wholesale starter kit in 7-10 days, and then get started straight away!

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